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About Entreq

Entreq was founded 1999 and are today, a truly Swedish company who manufactures different audio cables, ground boxes, ground cables, accessories, racks and power management products. We are one of the very few companies that develop,manufacture and produce all of
our products in Sweden. Because of this approach you will never see us imitate other brands or their technical solutions. Consequently our products are not only distinctive in their constructive materials & design but also in their connective processes. This control over each and every aspect, in conjunction with our unique philosophy and design brief, means we are able to focus purely, with no compromise, on performance.

Ground Boxes Signal Cables

For us a clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system! One big problem is that the protective ground many time are overloaded or not constructed for handle the pollutions coming from everywhere.

Our ground boxes / Eartha cables are designed to resemble and work like a bit of Mother Earth in concentrated form and offer the simplest and fastest route for high-frequency noises to reach a earth point and to be eliminated.

Entreq manufactures full range of analog and digital signal cables and power cables as well. Our unique cables are the result of several years’ development and hard work. We have taken nothing for granted but have instead examined all the current  thinking and knowledge which is assumed about cable design and its role in signal transfer, then re-visited it over and over again with reference to not only the technical measurement but in what and how it imparts an actual sonic influence to each key stage. The result is an unique sound as well.

Accessoires Racks

A wide range of accessories are available in Entreq assortment like vibration control devices, equipment feets, cable wraps,  cable lifters etc. All this devices help us to eliminate the unwanted vibrations in our equipment and thus to fine tune our system to reach in another level of musical enjoyment. If you remember your basic Physics lessons you will know that you cannot get rid of energy but simply convert it into another form. This is a fundamental law of physic's and of course nature. We have choosen a route that converts un-wanted energy into heat, as this is the least harmful to our precious musical signal. Get prepared, the final result is sometimes shocking.

The Athena support system is a culmination of Entreq’s knowledge & combined technologies brought together in a support system primarily focused on the control of unwanted physical parasitic energy, high frequency noise & electronic/electrical based field effects. Therefore, by default, it bares little resemblance to almost any other support system currently available. This is simply because it tackles a gamut of problems that traditional Hifi Racks do not take in to consideration. The Athena is therefore far more effective on many levels than any comparably priced solution and can be configured in both performance and price terms to suit each customer’s system requirements.

Power Management Ground Cables

Actually you are indeed listening to your wall outlet. Ultimately the final sonic result from any music system depends entirely on how well you have managed to deal with all the sources of interference found in and around the Power, Power supplies & the associated Grounding of each and every product in your system. It is that power that is converted into soundwaves and therefore, in our opinion, the power and ground is where you should start when you are trying to build a natural sounding system. Our Power distribution systems work in three distinct areas. Distribution, Cleaning and subsequent Grounding. PowerUs, Cleanus and our range of Ground Box's are very effective in there own rights but when you hook up a complete system and wire them together with our Eartha cables you really do achieve an outstanding performance, exhibiting a natural, dynamic lively sound with an incredible sense of palpability, freedom and low distortion.

Our ground cables are designed to work together with our ground boxes. It is hard to believe that an Earth/Grounding cable could have such a huge impact on the sound quality! The way the cables used to drain away the noise / stay currents are designed has a signify effect on the result. We believe this is due to there being such a high frequency and low voltage in the current with which we deal. The choice of materials and the design of the earth cable produces completely different results. We offer the Ertha Cables with any possible connector to be able to hook up your equipment on our Ground Box easily.

We are the official distributor of ENTREQ PRODUCTS in the countries listed below, hence we selling only and exclusively to this territories. Also we are looking for devoted and reliable dealers for this really unique and fantastic manufacturer from this areas.



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